About Us

Founded on the Principles of Trust, Integrity, and Accountability

LJI Inspection Solutions provides construction inspection, asset mapping, & engineering services for utility distribution and energy transmission companies. We specialize in oil & gas, water, electric, and renewable energy construction projects.

The LJI team works diligently to ensure our client’s needs and expected project results come to fruition from start to finish.  Our people-centered approach has allowed us to recruit top-tier employees and build exceptional teams dedicated to exceeding client satisfaction.

We have a large database of highly qualified professionals from multiple industries ready to mobilize quickly to anywhere in the United States to provide you with accurate data collection and detailed progress reports customized to your project’s specific needs.

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Types of Projects

  • Water Pipelines
  • Electric Power & Renewable Energy 
  • Natural Gas Distribution Systems
  • Facilities Upgrades
  • Pump and Compressor Stations
  • Anomaly Evaluations & Repairs
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Diagnostic Tool Runs
  • Inadvertent Release Cleanup
  • Oil & Gas Steel Transmission Pipelines
  • New Construction, Maintenance, Replacement
  • Cathodic Protection Corrosion Mitigation
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Coating
  • Launchers / Receivers
  • Tanks
  • Major Projects
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Leak Survey 
  • GIS Services
  • Document Digitization


  • API 1169 Certified Pipeline Inspector
  • NACE – Coating Inspector
  • Cathodic Protection Inspector
  • CWI – Certified Welding Inspector
  • CPWI – Certified Pipeline Welding Inspector
  • Right Of Way Inspector
  • Materials Inspector
  • Lead Inspector
  • Chief Inspector
  • Utility Inspector
  • Specialty Inspector
  • Safety Inspector
  • Environmental Inspector
  • HDPE & MDPE Fusion Inspector
  • Water Construction Inspector
  • OSHA 30 Hour Construction Standards
  • HAZWOPER – Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
  • Project Manager
  • Professional Engineer
  • Drafting
  • GIS Data Collector
  • Mapping Specialist
  • Field Office Manager
  • Field Office Clerk
  • Document Control Specialist

What Makes LJI Different?

Our progressive business model allows us to offer more competitive pricing to our valued clients. This provides the additional advantage of giving us the ability to recruit highly qualified personnel and increasing their longevity with the company by being able to offer more attractive compensation packages. We CAN and WILL save you money!

By eliminating redundant one size fits all report forms, our inspectors are available to watch the work being performed and collect only the data that our client deems necessary. Customizable emailed reports are included with our services, or we can utilize any client provided documentation or reporting software as directed. We collect the data you want, how you want it collected, and deliver it to you on your specified schedule.

Public pressure to increase safety has increased due to mass media coverage of deadly pipeline explosions and the environmental damage caused by outdated underground utility systems. We owe the public the peace of mind of knowing that the utilities and buried pipelines in their communities meet the highest standards for safety and quality. We take our role as your project inspectors very seriously and believe firmly in ensuring the job is done right.  Shouldn’t the inspection company you hire to oversee your project care about your project as much as you do?

All of our personnel go through a stringent selection process. We select only experienced, vetted, and highly competent candidates. We require our inspectors to pass our training program, possess all necessary certifications, and complete all client required OQ’s before ever arriving on your job site.  You can rest assured that you will have a qualified inspector on your job who will always look out for your best interests.